Women Development & Empowerment

Citizen Welfare Trust is a programme focusing on girl children and women empowerment. The USP of Citizen Welfare Trust is its innovative and highly effective approach named the ‘4-S Model’ which means Seeking Healthcare as a Behaviour, Support through Education, Support from Men through Male Involvement, and Sustaining Change in the Community.


Mission Education, the education programme of Citizen Welfare Trust provides basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children, with the belief that education is both the means as well as the end to a better life because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood while also increasing one's awareness on a range of issues; in the process helping him/her evolve as a better citizen.

Children Care

Education is the right of every child in our nation. We at Citizen Welfare Trust want to help the children to get with the better access to primary as well secondary education. Every support counts, as we keep supporting to the future of our nation in order to give our nation educated and strong shoulders.

Health Care

We have seen medical cases in various hospitals, where children due to lack of medical facilities and money. We at Citizen Welfare Trust provide financial support to the children who are suffering from a severe disease and want to go under a good medical treatment. If you want to save a life, then you can also support us.

Civil Issue

Citizen Welfare Trust, through social trust, shared strategy, and networking, facilitate collaboration between two or more individuals. Democracies inherently foster such cooperative conduct. The voluntary/civil society sector recognizes in the current economic growth model as a key player in achieving equitable, sustainable, and inclusive development goals.

Citizen Welfare Trust exist beyond both state and market traditional space, but they can negotiate, convince, and force all institutions to make them more sensitive to citizens’ needs and rights.

Skill Development

We work at the field level in partnership with local civil society and people’s organisations. The collective experience, learning and insight enable us to work on knowledge building, training and advocacy. All initiatives are executed in a framework of collaboration and partnership to empower people for demanding their entitlements and enable the service providers, including the government, to deliver in a transparent and accountable manner.

Drug Addiction

There are more than 500 de-addiction centres across India trying to nurse addicts back into healthy productive lifestyles. But the scourge of drug addiction is spreading. To make matters worse, Indians are increasingly using more synthetic drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and mandrax than natural ones such as cannabis and hashish. These are far more addictive and injurious to health. Stairs uses sports to keep the young away from drugs and help them canalise their energies for personal and economic growth.

Building awareness and educating people about ill effects of drug abuse.

Dealing with the addicts through programme of motivational counselling, treatment, follow-up and social-reintegration of recovered addicts.

To impart drug abuse prevention/rehabilitation training to volunteers with a view to build up an educated cadre of service providers.

Cultural Activities

Animal Husbandry

Our adventure began when we saw the need for a world where we honour the intrinsic vileness of every animal person.

By redefining how we look at animal research and bringing an inclusive approach to our science and activities, we're creating a new way of understanding, characterizing and relating to animals so they too, can live full and meaningful lives.

Our Trust is to work for vaccination of domestic animals, first-aid camps, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation treatment, and treatment to street animal and their rehabilitation, awareness program on caring ness of different animals. Adoptions & Re-homing for homeless and abandoned animals, Awareness Program about animal welfare. Organizes local bird-watching trails in nearby villages, to educate students about nature, birds & wildlife. Reports are made & published timely.